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Wa ! Fa ! La !

Active openings


WA, FA and LA are three patented concepts for high acoustic performance sashes.

These concepts incorporate ultra-compact loudspeakers, developed by Fraunhofer IBP, a TechnoFirst partner. Their reduced volume (10 times lower than that of a conventional loudspeaker) simplifies integration into the opening and limits:
  • The weight of the solution;
  • Its size;
  • The power consumption of the electronic processing of low-frequency noise;
  • And the cost of these solutions.
WA Fa La ouvrants actifs par TechnoFirst



WA is a corrective acoustic system for thermal double glazing. Indeed, the latter inherently suffer from weaknesses in terms of sound insulation.

Did you know ?
Double glazing is initially designed and optimized for thermal insulation and has lower acoustic insulation performance than single glazing of equivalent total thickness. Double glazing naturally presents a loss of performance at low frequencies. WA makes a correction in this area in order to achieve acoustic insulation performance equivalent to that of single glazing.

WA incorporates electronic processing in the carpentry of a double-glazed window. To this end, TechnoFirst has developed an actuator specific to this application: the linear loudspeaker. The latter, combined with the sensors integrated in the window frame and an electronic controller, makes it possible to produce counter-noise inside the air gap. This counter-noise makes it possible to effectively attenuate low-frequency noise, unlike conventional double glazing.

WA significantly improves the sound insulation performance of double-glazed windows.
Performance: up to 35 dB
Electronic processing band: [20 – 400] Hz

*For example, 8mm single glazing has an attenuation index of 35dB, while that of 4/12/4 double glazing (mm glass/air/glass) is only 30dB, which does not does not even reach the performance of a single glazing of 4mm!



FA is a new concept of sliding window allowing you to open your window without experiencing noise pollution from the outside.
For this, TechnoFirst exploits the complementarity of two treatments: electronic and passive. This combination provides noise attenuation of up to 25dB.

Did you know ?
Passive treatment consists of placing absorbent materials near the opening. Mid- and high-frequency noises are absorbed as they pass. The electronic processing makes it possible to attenuate the low frequencies. The integration of sensors and ultra-compact loudspeakers (designed by Fraunhofer IBP) driven by a controller allows the generation of counter-noise.

FA thus makes possible the natural ventilation of a room while maintaining high sound insulation.
Performance: up to 25 dB
Electronic processing band [20 – 500] Hz



LA is a system allowing the natural ventilation of a room by minimizing the intrusion of pollution (sound and atmospheric) coming from outside.

Did you know ?
It is necessary to ventilate the living rooms every day to evacuate the vapors of the materials. However, airing often means breathing polluted air and particles from exhaust gases.
TechnoFirst proposes placing a labyrinth at the level of the window opening composed of one or more ducts allowing the circulation of air. Each of these ducts incorporates electronic processing and anti-pollution filtering. This makes it possible to attenuate the noise over the entire audible band and to limit the intrusion of polluting particles.

The electronic processing consists of an ultra-compact loudspeaker (designed by Fraunhofer IBP) and sensors connected to a controller producing the counter-noise which will attenuate the low and medium frequencies.
The LA system is thus able to reduce the sound level by up to 30 dB compared to a conventional window that is ajar.
Performance: up to 30 dB
Electronic processing band [20 – 1700] Hz.