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Quiet Bubble

Electronic noise attenuator


Each ANCAS seat is equipped with an electronic noise attenuator that automatically calibrates for emerging noise. Each seat operates independently and provides maximum acoustic comfort for passengers. ANCAS is based on electronic noise reduction techniques developed by TechnoFirst. This product was developed in cooperation with Dassault Electronique.
Bulle de silence
dessin produit quiet bubble


Each ANCAS seat contains an electroacoustic module that detects ambient noise and produces its opposite in order to annihilate it. Thus, an acoustic comfort zone is created around the headrest for the greater well-being of passengers. All of these adjacent quiet zones have the effect of reducing the overall noise level inside the passenger cabin.


  • Attenuation of emerging noise: 20 to 30 dB (50-500 Hz).
  • Broadband attenuation: 5 to 10 dBA.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: adaptable to all types of seats.
  • Weight: 1.3kg.
  • Consumption: 15W.
  • Power supply: 28 V DC or 115 V/400 Hz.
  • MTBF: 15,000 hours.
  • Approved by seat manufacturers.

Other Apps

For treatment in the cabin, there is the Quieting Cabin solution. Consult us.