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Leader in
active noise

TechnoFirst has been working every day since 1990 to improve the acoustic comfort of its customers.

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Welcome to Technofirst
Next Generation

World leader
World leader in noise and vibration reduction technologies by active control (active noise reduction and active vibration reduction), the company works every day to improve the acoustic comfort of its customers. TechnoFirst Next Generation designs, develops and offers solutions for reducing noise and vibration pollution in the building, industry and transport sectors.

Its years of fundamental research, its know-how, its skills and its advanced technologies have enabled TechnoFirst Next Generation to provide ever more innovative solutions to its customers.

Technofirst Next Generation is an organ of transmission between research, innovation and industrial production.
It translates innovative ideas and concepts into economically viable systems or products.

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The pioneers of active
noise control

It all started in 1987 with a doctoral thesis prepared and defended at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (Aix-Marseille University/Centrale Marseille/CNRS), the oldest CNRS laboratory in Provence, by Christian Carme under the direction of Bernard Nayroles, on active sound absorption in cavities. On the strength of this experience and these results, Christian Carme created TechnoFirst in 1990, a company that has since become the world leader in noise and vibration reduction technologies by active control. The principle of active control consists in generating a “counter-noise” which cancels the primary noise. This is how the first noise reduction system was born: the active noise canceling headphones. There are two types of noise canceling headphones: passive (without electronics) and active (with electronics). In a very noisy environment, passive headphones can attenuate high frequencies (treble) by 50 to 60 deciBels but only about fifteen deciBels at low frequencies (bass). In active mode, the low frequency attenuation can be tripled. Today this technology is found all over the world, from construction helmets to musical headphones for individuals.
Technofirst pionniers du contrôle actif du bruit

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TechnoFirst Next Generation has been selected as a high-tech company at the International Forum on November 26-30 to be held in China at ZHONGGUANCUN. The forum will present during this event the 100 best technologies and innovative products worldwide selected by its committee of scientific experts.

TECHNOFIRST NEXT GENERATION will be present at the FORUM ENTREPRISES on October 20, 2022 in Montpellier to present its latest work and innovations.

05 ━━━━ European Research Project

TECHNOFIRST NEXT GENERATION participates in the PIANO (Path Identification for Active Noise cOntrol) European research project in the commercial aviation sector, in particular tilt-rotor convertible aircraft, with the aim of developing an active noise control system at the cabin interior.

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