The ultimate protective device adapted to all circumstances can be found in the NoiseMaster range: noise cancelling headphones equipped with TechnoFirst's active technology. The NoiseMaster range protects you from noise in all business sectors. The ANCAS systems are integrated into the headrest of an aircraft, train or bus seat and create a genuine bubble of silence around the passenger's head.

TechnoFirst proposes a range of active silencers for ventilation systems in the construction and industrial sectors. They are adapted to all shapes and sizes of ventilation ducts. For the largest ventilation ducts, we recommend ActA, while ASCa is a safe bet for more common dimensions.

ExAct is an active silencer system for exhausts. It can be fitted onto passenger vehicles, industrial vehicles, generators, locomotives and hot and/or corrosive fluid supply ducts.

NoVACS is ideally suited to your specific applications. This is a universal controller capable of driving actuators to reduce noise and vibrations. We also propose a number of special transducers (specific loudspeakers, specific microphones, etc.) to equip a broad range of facilities (Please contact us). Finally, you will find in the NoiseMaster range a number of modules designed to be integrated into personal protective equipment.