Once perceived as a fad, environmental concerns are now high on the agenda of electoral proposals and a priority of research programmes. Protecting the environment and quality of life is a major requirement for the world's populations, who no longer accept the increasing number of many kinds of ecological accidents. This is why numerous research programmes have resulted in the adoption of increasingly radical standards, the purpose of which is to preserve nature, improve working conditions, regulate the production process, etc. In a nutshell: restore everyone's living environment. Noise is a major form of pollution that needs to be addressed.

Dr Christian Carme left the CNRS to create TechnoFirst with a view to providing a revolutionary technological solution to combat noise and vibration pollution. The company designs and manufactures top-of-the-range protection products (headphones, noise cancelling ventilation ducts, noise cancelling aircraft seat, etc.) which operate based on a TechnoFirst innovation: Active noise and vibration Control. TechnoFirst is therefore one of world's very few companies to have mastered the active control technology. This patented technological breakthrough has won many innovation awards and has been praised by numerous French and international science institutions. TechnoFirst constantly communicates via international scientific conferences, science fairs and specialized, financial or mainstream press articles.

Fifteen years of fundamental research conducted by TechnoFirst in conjunction with industry leaders resulted in a comprehensive range of prototype products, which were then produced in small series: active noise cancelling headphones, noise cancelling aircraft seats, noise cancelling ventilation ducts, TechnoFirst active universal controllers which helped reduce noise and vibrations in helicopter cabins. Other prestigious customers (from the construction, industrial, airspace, automotive sectors, etc.) seek out the skills of TechnoFirst's engineering and design department and choose its products.

Further to the success of its product range, TechnoFirst moved on to large-scale industrialisation in 2003, while continuing however to focus on broadening its range; as a result, numerous products are being technically optimised and are in pre-industrialisation phase.